Crunch Time

I thought I was so ahead of the game. After our Capstone meeting at the end of last semester, I felt on top of things. I was excited about my idea and I even began one of my texts. My thought? Get a head start, knock out the Capstone pre-assignment, and then devour all the other books in my summer reading list. There was just one problem.

One of my texts is Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.


I gave this copy as a gift to my sis only to reclaim it for Capstone
733 pages of Southern-drenched goodness. Y’all, I love this book. It covers the span of over 10 years and the character development is out of this world. The writing is beautiful and the number of themes and motifs offer days worth of discussion topics.

But it is so. Stinking. Long. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have relished every page. But between two internships this summer and necessary tasks (like, you know, making food for myself) it has taken OVER TWO MONTHS for me to finish this mammoth…and I’m still not finished.


You see where the bookmark is? Yeah, I still have about 200 pages to go.
I haven’t even begun on my second text, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. It is much slimmer, thank heaven. So much for all the other books I wanted to read this summer.

It hit me that we’re only a few weeks out from school starting. So, I’ve got to turn up my game and really do some power-reading. Cue the Rocky Balboa training montage. 

I’ve gotten over my fear of writing in books

Anybody else feeling the pressure and trying to pretend they’re more on top of things? Please, make me feel better about myself…