This blog was created by and for Anderson University’s English Senior Capstone Project students. Contributors include: Shelby Swing, Erin Wages, Maris Mabry, Grant Looper, Aubry Harmon, Tquavious Johnson,┬áNick Rice, Becca Naylor, Allyson Vaughan, Hayley McDonald, Katie Beaudet, and others.

The purpose of this blog is to allow Capstone students past and present to share advice, anecdotes, frustrations, and lessons learned along the way pertaining to their Capstone experiences. Perhaps future “Capstoners” will use this blog as a guide (or in the very least, find our posts worthy of a laugh).┬áHere’s to hard work, blood and tears, and revision revision revision!

**Be aware that there might very well be an indecent number of crying GIFs involved. You’ve been warned.**